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I gift clients with rich colors, romantic and dreamy images through both film and digital photography.

I will be focusing on all things engagements and weddings (of course) and maybe a sprinkle or two about our client's experiences!

This first one will be geared more towards getting to know Victoria, (your future engagement and wedding photographer)

And we are back, Lovebirds! We wrote this blog a while ago but we do feel like this is still very relevant. So we revamped a few things! For those engaged couples, take some time to read through this! Today we are diving into the 5 questions a couple should ask themselves before investing in […]

Wedding Photography

January 15, 2023

Selecting your Wedding Photographer

Gay couple during their wedding day

Hello Lovebirds. We are back with another installment of what to consider for your wedding day! Do you have a cute, adorable dog that you want to include throughout your wedding journey? If so, keep reading 🥳. We will talk about a few tips on how to include your dog throughout your wedding journey, including […]

Wedding Photography

August 25, 2022

How to include your dog in your wedding journey

Baltimore Wedding with dog

An Intimate Time with your love Today we are talking about the First Look: A Modern Wedding Day Tradition. Yes this is considered non traditional compared to century old wedding traditions but it’s kinda like the newest tradition no? Getting ready for the Big Day So you’re thinking about your Big Day and trying to […]

Wedding Photography

April 20, 2022

The First Look: A Modern Wedding Day Tradition

The week that took a year to plan: destination wedding in Tivoli Italy Today we are diving into how to plan a wedding overseas! This is a first hand story as myself and my husband decided to have a destination wedding in Tivoli, Italy in 2019. Lots of planning, organization and education! It was such […]

Wedding Photography

June 10, 2021

Destination Wedding in Tivoli Italy

Naples Italy

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