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Hey y'all!

 (This is pretty much how I greet everyone lol)

Tori Del came from my name Victoria Delgado. You can call me Tori or Victoria, I will answer to both!

I am an introvert so if I come off as quiet or awkward that's basically the over analytical thinking happening as we speak lol.

I am a hopeless romantic. I truly believe there is someone out there for everyone and I legit cry at all weddings. 

I am way older than I look. Seriously.

When it comes to photographing our loving couples, I love to incorporate both digital and film photography. I was introduced to photography through film photography and have always loved the aesthetic. 

When I am not photographing loving couples, I am holding down my household with my husband. We have 3 amazing children and a cute pup that we adopted right before the pandemic!


Tori Del

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Fun Facts about Tori Del

I was born in Spain

My husband and I
share the same birthday

I am Left Handed

My love languages are quality time & receiving gifts

I love to travel